Whisper Memos

Record a voice memo, receive it as email.

Whisper Memos turns your ramblings into paragraphed articles, and emails them to you.

Don't let your best ideas slip away!

Record on your Apple Watch

Record while going for a jog, in the shower, or when falling asleep. Capture your thoughts when genius strikes.

Start recording with a press of a button. You can also use the new double-tap gesture.
If you're offline, the files will be safely stored on Apple Watch, and uploaded once online.
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Add a complication to your watchface and start recording with a single tap.

Make sense with artificial intelligence

Thanks to GPT-4, we transform your memo into a newspaper-style article, rather than a jumble of words.

AI generates an emoji or two for your subject. That way you'll quickly recognize what you were talking about in that memo.
Screenshot of example Whisper Memos email
Everything you say is automatically divided into paragraphs, so you can read it really quickly.

Our commitment to privacy

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Whisper Memos is free to try, and surprisingly inexpensive to use. Get it in the App Store, and start writing by talking!