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Updated Sept 20, 2023

At Median Tech, s.r.o., we prioritize safeguarding the information you entrust to us through the use of our app, "Whisper Memos".

Collection and Use of Personal Information:
We request personal information only when it's essential for the delivery of our service. This collection is executed transparently, and always with your awareness and approval. We ensure to clarify the purpose of its acquisition and how it will be utilized.

Protection and Retention of Data:
The data we hold is preserved only for the duration required to offer you the intended service. We diligently shield this information employing industry-standard measures against potential threats, including unauthorized access, unlawful copying, and unwanted disclosure.

Data Sharing:
We abstain from disclosing any personally identifiable information either publicly or with third parties, unless mandated by the law.

OpenAI and Data Processing:
To transcribe audio files, our app utilizes the OpenAI's whisper model. This entails transmitting your audio file to OpenAI. The handling and subsequent use of these files by OpenAI are governed by their own privacy policy; we recommend referring to their official website for details. Additionally, we employ the GPT-4 API to structure the transcribed text into organized paragraphs.

Data Access and Deletion:
You have the right to request a comprehensive copy of your data by sending an email to hello@whispermemos.com. Furthermore, you can opt to erase all your data via the settings within the app.

Consent and Queries:
Your consistent use of our app implies your endorsement of our privacy practices. Should you harbor any inquiries or concerns pertaining to our data handling procedures or this privacy policy, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

This policy is effective as of Sept 20, 2023.